Boss DS1 opamp NJM2904L (8 pin SIP package dual opamp)


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Boss DS1 opamp used in in Boss DS-1 distortion circuits. This was shipped as the stock opamp in the ‘Citizen HB’ era Boss DS1 but I have used these successfully for Boss DS1 repairs of many eras.

It’s a dual package opamp in an 8 pin SIP or SIL package and that’s what makes it tricky to find. These were common in old japanese products (Hifis and guitar gear for instance) but were supplanted by DIP chips and later by SMD devices.

This part is also a pin compatible and functional replacement for the obsolete dual opamp BA728N used on the older Boss DS-1 Board. (Assembly 70562634, PCB 2291732601)

It won’t fit single opamp TA7136 boards. (Assembly 7520551007, PCB 2291032607) (These are the old ones that used the 12V ACA adapter).

It (obviously) won’t fit the modern SMD DS1 board.

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