MXR Carbon Copy ESD Repair Kit


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ESD repair kit for MXR carbon copy.


Contains replacement parts to perform the ESD repair upon old MXR carbon copy pedals. You need to replace Q10, Q11, Q12, Q13 and to add ESD suppression across the Drain and Source of Q10, Q12 and Q13 to reduce the likelihood of future damage. There are 5x JFETs and 4x bidirectional suppression diodes in the repair kit meaning you have spares.

Difficulty: Advanced
WARNING. This repair is extremely difficult to perform if you don’t have advanced level surface mount soldering skills. Also, the JFETs are static sensitive. No correspondence will be entered into regarding help with performing the repair. If you haven’t done SMT repairs before, this isn’t the place to start!

If you’d like me to do the repair, contact I’ve repaired loads of these and returned by post to customers from all across UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Ampworks/RSD Sound can accept no responsibility for damage to the product, personal injury or loss of life resulting from use or misuse of this kit.

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