Genuine Vox AC30CC and AC30C2 120V mains transformer (Korg Era)




Mains transformer for a Vox AC30CC or AC30C2 amplifier for use on 120V mains (US or similar)

I have three of these for sale. They were removed from working 120V AC30C2 units that I converted to 230/240V UK operation at Keld Ampworks.

Price is for one transformer.

Important! Don’t buy these and use them on 220/230/240V mains (UK/EU/China etc etc). You’ll destroy your amp spectacularly.

Even more important! Mains wiring should only be attempted by qualified persons.

Disclaimer: I do not recommend that you repair or modify your equipment yourself. I always recommend repair and modification work be undertaken by an experienced and qualified person. Rowan Diskin and Keld Ampworks  do not accept any responsibility for death, injury to yourself, injury to another party, damage to the unit or damage to other equipment as a result of any action you take after reading this email. Anything you do, you do at your own risk. 🙂 Good Luck.


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