BOURNS Tone pot 250K Linear potentiometer.


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Bourns 24mm Guitar Potentiometer Plain Shaft 250k Linear 

Manufacturer’s Description

Uses include Guitars, Audio and Broadcast Mixing Consoles, Keyboards, Digital Drums, Amplifiers, and other audio/video editing equipment.

My Description

I use these in certain guitars as a tone pot, it’s possible to use linear or log for tone, but always use log for the volume.

This is a 24mm diameter pot. Always check the physical dimensions of the instrument.

In my opinion, Bourns make the best guitar pots available, they’re extremely easy to turn and very durable.

Guitar tone pot

About Keld Ampworks

I run an independent repair workshop, repairing valve amplifiers and doing guitar amp repair for customers in the East Midlands and across the UK. I sell valves and guitar based electronics on ebay, only offering products that I’m confident I would use in my own amplifiers.


If you’re wondering whether this product would suit your amplifier, please just drop me a line for some advice. I’ve installed hundreds of new valves in guitar and bass amps and there’s nothing I like more than talking about it!

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