A transparent onboard boost for those classic ‘not quite clean, not quite dirty’ guitar tones.

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Preamp Description

“Sometimes the best idea comes with a beer! I was relaxing one evening after a day of fixing amps and guitars. A customer emailed me – they’d fitted an active boost to their guitar but the guitar had become much more noisy.”

The K-Boost is a discrete class A FET Booster that gives the best of active and passive tonal control, with a true bypass-able 4dB flat boost that drives your valve amp a little harder and eliminates the problems caused by cable capacitance.

A transparent booster from 20Hz to 20kHz, the K-Boost pairs brilliantly with low and medium gain valve/tube amps set up ‘just on the edge’ of breakup. Simply flick the switch to subtly move from crystal clean tone to mild overdrive.

As an ‘always on’ booster, the unit completely eliminates the problem that passive pickups experience with all but the shortest of cables. (see What is cable capacitance?).

The K-Boost has plenty of clean headroom and responds excellently to dynamic subtleties and changes in picking attack.

It can be used on individual pickups to allow pickup combinations normally rendered unusable by the volume difference.


Available prewired

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Preamp Specification – (what does this mean?)

Input impedance: >2MΩ
Output impedance: 5.5kΩ
Frequency response: flat 20Hz-20kHz
Gain: 4dB

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Assembly Options

K-Boost only (no 9V), K-Boost 'always on' kit, K-Boost with 250K push/pull volume switch, K-Boost with Toggle switch


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