P7 – break out /break in kit for 13 pin guitars


A 13 pin break in and 13 pin break out kit designed for use with the Roland GR55 and similar guitar synth pedals and GK equipped guitars, such as Godin, Brian Moore, Fender Roland-Ready Strats etc.

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August 2023:

I’ve used up all the PCBs and sold my GR33. I have no plans to make any more of these. There were about 15 made and shipped worldwide. If anyone wants a PCB to make their own in the future then you can place one on back order, but there will be a wait until I do my next PCB run. Please send me an email before ordering a PCB.

The kit:

Choose between:

  • Bare board (requires SMT and TH soldering skills, components and box not supplied)
  • SMT board (requires basic soldering, GK sockets, box and jacks not supplied)
  • Assembled board (Fully soldered, box supplied, you drill the box)

The P7 breakout is kept as stock in either the Bare board or SMT board configuration. If you’d like an Assembled version, place a back order and it will be built to your desired kit level.

GR55 (or 13pin device) Break in box:

You can use the P7 to break into the GR55 with a normal guitar by plugging a guitar lead into the jack input and a GK cable into the to GK output. This gives you access to the GR55 modelling tones with normal guitars. It’s also useful to allow you to carry a non-GK guitar as a backup for a GK instrument.

GR55 (or 13pin device) as a multiFX pedal:

Plug an FX send into the P7 jack input and an FX return into the GR55 mono output and you can use GR55 FX with a normal amp setup. Adjust volume to taste, but try starting with Patch Level between 100-130 and the volume knob at about 11 o’clock.

GK cable Break out box:

The GR55 guitar out socket is too noisy for use with high gain setups. Many users run the magnetic signal down a guitar jack cable and the GK signal down a GK lead to avoid this. With the P7, you can plug a GK cable into the GKinput, and a normal guitar cable into the P7 output, accessing the magnetic tone and bypassing the pedal. No batteries are necessary, because the P7 is powered by the GR55.

Select between magnetic signal on a 13 pin guitar and a normal guitar

You can use the P7 with jacks in the input and output alongside a passive AB or ABY switcher box to select between the mag-only straight from the guitar and the break-out jack of the P7.

For more information, visit the design page on Keld Ampworks.


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Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 130 × 40 × 40 mm
Kit Build

Bare PCB, SMT Assembled PCB, Assembled PCB, Assembled Product, Fully Assembled (B Grade Case)


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