Presonus Monitor station Capacitor repair kit



The most simple presonus monitor station repair is a capacitor swap in the low voltage power supply. I’ve repaired loads of these at the Keld workshop. If you’d rather, you can always send the unit to me. I’ve had these sent from Europe and the USA to my workshop in Newark, UK

The unit uses cheap and terrible ‘Cheng’ branded caps which leak or short circuit, causing a short on the regulators. Fortunately the regulators aren’t normally damaged. This product is a capacitor kit to replace the 12 faulty caps in the power supply unit. There’s no one cap that always goes short, so it’s worth replacing the lot.

Possible symptoms caused by the bad caps include: loud buzz on multiple outputs, all the meter lights on or simply no power to the unit.


  • Clean any capacitor leakage with IPA or flux cleaner before fitting new parts. Capacitor electrolyte can corrode the PCB.
  • Electrolytic caps have to be fitted the right way round, and Presonus didn’t mark the boards! So use the picture on this product listing to help. (Blue bars show -ve)
  • be very careful not to damage the pads when desoldering.
  • Follow good solder practice.

You can see my repair reports on similar repairs below:

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