Trace Elliot PCB mount bulbs for green glow


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Trace Elliot used some cool means of lighting their products in their UK days. One of the most interesting was a PCB mount white bulb which was directed through green rubber rings to produce a green glow.

The incandescent bulbs, marked ‘Luna G’ and then a two digit batch suffix aren’t obtainable any more, so I collect the used ones up from scrap Trace units when I’m able to. They have three short PCB pins and a white covering over the element on the inside of the glass.

They were used the Trace Elliot GP7, Trace Elliot 1210, Trace Elliot GP12, Trace Elliot 1215, Trace Elliot GRP-3 models and probably some others!

This listing is for one used Trace Elliot PCB bulb. All bulbs have been tested after removal from the original product. Extreme care must be taken in installing them.


The rubber rings and the knobs are available here.


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