Trace Elliot pot rings, jack rings and small knobs (Green glow)


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These were found on Trace Elliot GP7, Trace Elliot GP12, Trace Elliot 1210, Trace Elliot 1215, Trace Elliot GRP3 models and probably many others!

UK era Trace Elliot models came with some really funky lighting. One of the ways in which they achieved this was to place bulbs behind the metal front panel and direct the light through green/yellow rubber rings to achieve a green glow around the pots and jacks.

All these parts are used and show signs of use, minor dust and dirt collection and in some cases minor cosmetic damage that doesn’t affect their operation. They are hidden from sight after all!

Select jack ring, pot ring or knobs from the drop down. The bulbs are also available here.

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Pot ring (single), Pot ring (pack of 3), Pot ring (pack of 6), Jack Ring (single)


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