Behringer XR18 repair kit – Capacitor kit



Before purchasing this Behringer XR18 repair kit, please read and understand the following information:

SAFETY WARNING. Repairing the XR18 power supply requires working on an area of the board used for mains inlet. This repair should ONLY be performed by qualified personnel. All safety precautions must be followed, including, but not limited to: disconnection from the mains, checking capacitors for stored charge, PAT testing of completed work before use. RSD Sound/Keld Ampworks and the proprietor are not responsible for injury, death or damage to property resulting from use or misuse of this capacitor kit.

RELIABILITY WARNNG: The large ground pad areas on the XR18 power supply board make it difficult to remove the components. Always cut the capacitors away, never apply ANY force when removing them from the board and use high quality desoldering tools. Failure to do so can result in damage to the board.

The Behringer XRAir XR18  is a fantastic digital mixer, but sometimes suffers from reliability issues, as documented here. I’ve found that these issues are often caused by failure of the secondary side CapXon branded capacitors in the power supply. In my experience, the primary side capacitor doesn’t fail.

This product is a set of 11 capacitors selected to be suitable for repairing the unit whilst improving it’s reliability. All capacitors are 105 degree parts of equivalent or greater voltage than the original. Crucially, they’re selected to fit into the tight space available.

Additional information

Weight 0.022 kg
Dimensions 353 × 250 × 25 mm


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