Replacement Tube heater supply SMPS for Bogner Shiva


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The Bogner Shiva uses a SMPS (switched mode power supply) for the valve heater (tube filament) supply. Unfortunately the original SMPS units that Bogner used have a habit of failing so this part is an upgrade on the original. It’s a pin compatible replacement so the original cabling can be used, or alternatively a connectorised cable loom can be created by the installing tech.

The 12V, 8A SMPS can be tweaked by the onboard potentiometer to give 12.6VDC at the output, as required for series connection of dual triodes.

This unit connects to the mains supply and should only be fitted by qualified personnel. Keld Ampworks/ RSD Sound cannot be held responsible for injury, damage or even death caused by any attempt to fit this SMPS.

When on backorder, this unit usually ships within one week.

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