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It’s a fairly well established principle that some fuzz pedals don’t like being driven by a buffer, or by an active guitar.

The fuzz friend is a gadget that fixes this problem.

The fuzz friend pickup emulator is an entirely passive device and doesn’t require a power source.


Input: Neutrik NMJ4HCD2

Output: Neutrik NMJ4HCD2

Power: Not Applicable

External controls

Tone control – mimics the tone control on your guitar.

Internal controls

Vintage / modern tone control

Simulates the changes in response from two different tone cap values. Only effective when the tone pot is less than maximum.

Volume (internal trimpot)

Allows the user to roll off the volume when running into a fuzz

DCR (0 ohm to 20K) (internal trimpot)

Fr a wide range of pickup DCR simulation

Single coil / Humbucker (internal switch)

Humbuckers typically have twice the inductance

Cable capacitance (internal switch)

Adds 50pf extra capacitance for extreme ‘coily cable’ cable capacitance settings.

Please note that this product is built to order.

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